Jerry K. Lingle Memorial Ride, August 27th, 2016
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can go on the ride?
A. Anyone who is legally permitted to operate a motorcycle or car, and their passenger.

Q. Why is there no alcohol permitted?
A. We are absolutely committed to safety, and even though this is an open ride, it does stop at three lodges. Feel free to have a beer and relax when you get home.

Q. Is the Grand Lodge of Washington involved in this effort?
A. is an independent, 501c3 entity. The Grand Lodge of Washington, while not directly involved, supports the mission and fundraising of this charity.

Q. Where does the money go?
A. A complete set of books for this event are being kept and are available for anyone to view. There are expenses for merchandise, meals, and website development, but after that all the proceeds from meals and merchandise will benefit that particular lodge’s chosen charities. The book will then be closed out and archived with the Grand Lodge of Washington for safekeeping.

Q. Can I have a refund if I’m unable to attend?
A. Unfortunately donations and purchases are neither tax deductible or refundable.

Q. Should I check back with the website regularly?
A. Yes! We may make minor changes to the schedule and timing matrix.



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