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Day of Ride $60.00

Per vehicle - no fee for passengers ( Passengers must pay separately for the BBQ $25.00)

One shirt per registration

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I understand that state law requires a motorcycle rider to have a motorcycle/trike endorsement to operate on state roadways and that I need to provide my own liability insurance. I therefore release and hold harmless its Officers and members, all event sponsors/supporters and any participating merchants to include run site owners and personnel from any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury I may incur caused while participating in this event. I am experienced and familiar with the operation of motorcycles and understand the risk and dangers inherent to motorcycling. I am voluntarily participating in this event and fully accept the entire risk of any accidents or injury I may suffer as a result of my participation in this event. I assume all responsibilities for participating in this event. By signing this document, I certify that I have read, fully understand and accept the conditions of this waiver. I further certify that I am not relying on any other statements or representations by any of the released parties. This document will be binding upon heirs, my executers, administrators, assigns and myself.

Online Payment Constitutes Consent.

There will a $25.00 fee for the Daughters of Job Bar B Q. Payable at the Event.


Registration & Merchandise

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  • Additional Shirts $35.00

    Shirt Size

  • Patches $30.00

  • Rockers $15.00